"Drawing on archival photographs and interviews with marchers who were as young as 10 at the time, Partridge swiftly sets the stage for the political war of nerves that culminated in the walk from Selma to Montgomery.
Partridge shows eloquently how a season of protest educated and transformed Selma’s children... Meanwhile, Partridge's stirring history poses another, more immediate question for the thoughtful reader: Where are today's Selmas and what might a young person do about them?" New York Times
★ “A sharply focused historical narrative for a younger audience.” Horn Book, starred review
★ “Gripping profiles of young people who made a difference.” Booklist, starred review
★ “A perfect balance of energetic prose and well-selected, breathtaking photographs.” Kirkus, starred review
★ “An excellent addition to any library.” School Library Journal, starred review
★ “A dramatic and a memorable statement.” VOYA, starred review
★ “A captivating, personal account.” Publishers Weekly, starred review
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