Big Cat Pepper has always been a part of the family. But he seems to be sleeping more and more. And then one day he just doesn't wake up again. "His spirit lives forever," the boy's mother tells him gently. Heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time, the complex issue of death is addressed here in a loving, accessible way.
Illustrated by Lauren Castillo, Bloomsbury Publishing 2009
Kogi longs to capture the spirit of nature in his art, but his paintings are always lifeless and dull-until one supernatural morning when he wades into the cool water and becomes a golden fish.
Illustrated by Aki Sogabi, Dutton's Children's Books 2003
The autumn leaves are twirling down. The squirrel is stashing, the bat swooping, the beaver building, and the big bear is feasting well. In this simple, rhythmic story, four furry animals prepare resting places for the coming winter.
Illustrated by Joan Paley, Dutton Children's Books 2002
"Jake," Daddy whispers. "It's almost time." As the sky begins to lighten, Jake and his daddy, camping in the forest, awaken with a special challenge for greeting the day. Jake has been    practicing. But can he meet the challenge?
Illustrated by Anna Grossnickle Hines,Greenwillow Children's Books, 2003
"You are never alone. Your dream spirit, your Hun, will make sure of that," Jo Lee's mother tells him when she sends him across the ocean to fish with Fourth Uncle on Golden Mountain-California. Adjusting to the strange new land is not easy, but  his Hun's nighttime travels remind Jo Lee of his roots and nourish his growth.
In this finely wrought story of one Chinese boy's transition to a new life in late-nineteenth-century California, Elizabeth Partridge captures the determination, family strength, and courage needed by all immigrants.
Illustrated by Aki Sogabe, Dutton Children's Books 2001
Bo wants to give his best friend, Annie, a big surprise, but what could it be? His new drawing is too scary, and he needs his marbles and his yellow tail sock for himself. The big round moon gives Bo an idea-he will bake Annie a full moon cake. Humor and suspense are perfectly captured and cadenced here for beginning readers. (Easy reader. 5-8)
Illustrated by Martha Weston, Dutton Children's Books 2002

Pig and Hen love painting portraits of each other. But when Hen has to take time out to hatch her eggs, Pig is lonesome. He goes to visit his friend and helps her pass the time. When Hen goes out for a lunch break, Pig amuses himself by juggling the precious eggs, then decides to paint them a spectrum of colors, with unexpected results.
Illustrated by Martha Weston, Golden Books, 2000
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